Beautiful Mess

"Our fate lies in the hands of the things we love, and sometimes the things we love are the things that lead us to the destruction of ourselves." R.M. Drake

I Want

I get asked all the time as a young adult, "What do you want to do with your life?" Well, I'm not quite sure, but these are a few things I am certain of.

If You Are A Dreamer

Is it human intelligence that will eventually lead to our downfall as a society/species? Or is it other pieces of our human nature? Greed, for money or power? Is it our inability to exist without one another? We rely so much on the individuals placed in our lives that we lose track of the bigger... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

If I was Stella, this one would be called, Getting My Groove Back. This is a poem about how I found myself again after a few years of feeling very lost.

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