The Place in My Mind

Tightly, I shut my eyelids,

Imagining a world beyond this.

My soul rises above this body,

Gone to a place no longer reality,

Wonder and awe, all around,

Beauty in its purest form, sure to astound.

Leave everything behind and break this mold,

All elements of the flesh begone but my soul.

She travels to a place of only good,

A place where only love is understood,

Where no one would dream of harming another,

Each soul intertwined like sisters and brothers.

Compassion and empathy are all that is felt,

Anything else is quickly dispelled.


What a perfect dream to belong to,

What a beautiful thought to cling on to,

But, alas, I am not there.

I am in a world anywhere but fair,

Barricaded in a closet built by a man,

Trapped by a stranger with a gun in his hand.

I cry in my hiding spot because I’m afraid.

I worry if at all I will be saved,

By a man or a god, either one will do,

Anything for this terror to be through.


To the man with the gun:

How much hate fills your heart?

You managed to kill someone,

And a family you’ve torn apart.


We are all related and trying to get by,

Each of us sharing this earth.

All any of us can do is simply try and be kind,

And seek the joy we’ve been after since our birth.


I know life is scary on this big planet,

But you broke the trust that we all share.

In times of stress it’s hard not to panic,

But you slain a brother without any care.


Now, I’m left sitting here, afraid for my own life,

Left to wonder if I’ll share the same fate.

Perhaps, a shred of mercy you’ll find,

Or maybe you’ll finally run out of your hate.


I dream of a place where guns don’t exist,

Where the world has nothing but love to give,

A place where weapons and hate are dismissed,

A world where we’ve finally learned to coexist.


Gun shots are heard around the whole world,

While I close my eyes one last time,

All I’ve known begins to blur,

Except for that peaceful place in my mind.

By: J. Brock

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