The Game of Trust

All of my life I’ve gone with my intuition,

The difference now is I’m clouded in my vision.

I’ve opened my heart, mind, and my soul,

Against my judgment, I’ve given my all.

I can only hope my trust hasn’t been misplaced.

I fear my reaction if this all is a waste.

I’ve never been one to wear my heart on my sleeve,

I’d never again if it turns out I’ve been deceived.

I’ve said all you owe me is your honesty,

I find myself trusting with much difficulty.

I believe in your mind that your words are true,

But I have to consider what on Earth I will do,

If all along my heart’s been in this much more,

And, in yours, you’ve known I’m not who you’re waiting for.

‘Cause I sense that your head and heart are on different pages,

And I question if I’m to wait and just hope that it changes.

I believe I’m the person you want, in your mind.

But I fear, in your heart, that’s not what I’ll find.

I’m happy to hold a small spot in your head,

But what tends to speak louder is what one’s heart says.

Mine shouts loudly at me each and every day,

Its words continue to convince me to stay.

My issue is that I, too, have inner conflict.

My heart wants you, but my head says to quit.

My brain reminds me of the pain in my past,

It connects the dots and tells me to run fast.

My truth is that I care too much, so it seems,

In my experience, that’s when people choose to leave.

Doubt runs deep in these bones of mine.

It’s hard for me to ignore any kind of sign.

You seem to know just what I need to hear,

But through actions is the way to expel these fears.

I plan on giving you time to figure it out.

I plan on trusting the words that come out of your mouth.

But your eyes tell me a different story.

For now, I will try my best not to worry.

Please remember that my heart is fragile,

If you must break it, please at least be tactful.

No matter the ride ahead, I am in for it,

But if we derail, know that my heart may never forget.

By: J. Brock

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