Free Me From This Cage

With an anchor on my soul,

There’s no way to become whole.

A locked door without a key:

How it feels to trap the honesty.


I need to speak my truth,

Before I’ve wasted all my youth,

But, fear keeps the bird trapped,

Even when the cage door is cracked.


When he finally takes flight,

Fear keeps him at low heights.

No way to live a life,

Being stuck in internal strife.


But, there’s comfort in this cage,

That will be lost when I turn the page.

And how does one manage to cope,

When he has lost all sense of hope?


Does he fly with unsteady wings?

When the rain comes, does he still sing?


Comfort is just a word,

Matters none to the little bird.

For me, it’s my whole world,

All that’s known by this little girl.


But a life of that is no way to grow.

There’s no room for that in the comfort zone.

A life spent in shackles isn’t a life at all,

Nor is always searching for one’s own downfall.


My fear has allowed me to remain safe.

My worry has made me who I am today.

But maybe safety and comfort aren’t all that good.

Why is it then that they’re all I’ve understood?


Maybe speaking the truth won’t be so hard.

Maybe the life I want and the one I have aren’t so far apart.

Maybe the danger in uncertainty is what I actually need.

Maybe then, from this cage, I will finally be freed.


By: J. Brock

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