We, the People

My heart cries out for the people of this world…

…those that have never been treated with respect.

…those who face prejudice day in and day out.

…those that are subjected to feeling unsafe in their own skin.

…those who are told it’s their fault for having been raped.

…those that wish for their own death.

…those that lose themselves in distractions.

…those whose distractions become addictions.

…those who are locked away by our justice system without a chance to recover.

…those that are given up on.

…those that don’t understand why our system is broken.

…those that aren’t willing to fix it.

…those who don’t know compassion.

…those who feel nothing at all.

…those that don’t know why.

…those who have had everything taken away from them.

…those who have been slain.

…those that have been hurt so much they only know how to inflict pain on others.

…those who have never known love so they can only hate.


I hear the confusion, the hurt, the sorrow. I feel it, too.

Those cries come from us all.

“We all live under the same sky.”

“We all have one heart.”

Today, and every day, mine cries out for all people.


By: J. Brock


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