The Escape into an Artist’s Mind

I find myself needing to escape reality often. Whether it’s into a TV show, a film, or a book, I’d rather live inside the world created by a human brain. Characters seem to be the only people who are truly living. Out here, out in this “real world”, everyone seems to be asleep.

The people around me care about mundane things that, in the grand scheme of things, won’t matter. In a century, do you think anyone will be wondering why you cut your hair that way? Why he hasn’t called you back? Will anyone know or care that you failed that math class? We talk a lot, but rarely do we actually say anything of substance. Nobody gets right down to the meat of things-do you think there’s a god? What do you think the point of life is? Why are there diseases that cripple the human brain, reverting a person back to a childhood mindset? Because that’s just the way things are? That’s not good enough for me. Maybe it is just the way things are, but I don’t want to accept that.

I want to know your thoughts on human nature as another human being that knows and has experienced different things than I. Enlighten me. Let’s disagree about something and come to understand each other’s thoughts and point of views. That’s human interaction-that’s true connection. Grabbing a coffee and talking about your day is fine, but I want to talk about your mind. That’s how I will get to know you and you, me. The rest is just killing time and filling dead air.

In stories, nothing “just happens.” People say and do things with reason and purpose. Everything that happens has a thought behind it. Characters feel more “real” than actual people do to me. I am often let into the brain of characters while we, as people, struggle to let others in like that. When I do find people in life that allow me to see the inner workings of their minds, I never want to let them go. There’s nothing more beautiful than a human mind that’s open to dream and discuss. But, I find that even those moments are fleeting because life gets in the way. I’ll continue to push along and search for those moments of raw human connection because I’ve found that those moments-as few and far between as they are-are even more beautiful than stories because they are real. They are what make this “life thing” worth living.

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