Hopeful Soul

I’m hopeful for the future.

Despite the dehumanizing decisions made by the leader of our country on, what feels like, a day-to-day basis, my soul is still full of hope. Why, you may ask. Why do I continue to hold onto the idea that someday, this world will be a better place?

To me, “better” means a place where no matter your ethnicity, sex, gender (yes, they can be different), sexuality, or any other differences you have with others, you feel safe. Everyone feels safe. I wish for the day that those labels aren’t even thought of as “differences.” I hope for the day that we celebrate, uplift, and learn from one another.

With this man currently ruling our country right now, yes, it is easy to lose hope.

Just take a look around, and it becomes almost undeniable to see the hope around us. I see it in our youth. I see it in the way that they treat one another. I see how the internet has made this world a seemingly smaller place. I see how differences are disregarded entirely. I see how the vehicles to our souls are looked at as only that. We don’t judge one another based off of appearance, we evaluate character based on words and actions, not some preconceived notion of how said person will behave simply based off of their looks and the stereotypes that we’ve been taught to judge them from. I see your souls, brothers and sisters, and I dream of one day that you see it, too. Keep your eyes open to the hope, and allow it to come crashing in. If you do so, it will carry away the fear that this current administration is feeding off of. Don’t be afraid. We are all in this together. A future of hate will only end in destruction which isn’t really a future at all. The only possible future of our world is one born from love.

By: J. Brock

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