Smoke fills the air.

The wall of fire builds.

Feet away, they sleep peacefully.

Unaware of the doom inching its way in.

The heat causes him to stir.

The smell causes her to wake.

The room around them all a blur.

Panic overtakes.

Knocking is heard in the distance,

Shouting seems even closer.

She jumps from her slumber,

Shaken out of peace, he awakes.

Smoke fills his lungs.

Panic overtakes.

Loud knocks on the door from their unknown savior.

He opens the door and sees the unbelievable.

Their home is in flames.


Anxious hands grab and shove belongings.

Fearful hands shake and tremble.

Time stands still and silent.

Vision dwindles; hearing, too.


The sweetest sound of relief is heard.

Sirens sing their harmonious song.

Gods emerge from their vessels with water to quench the building’s thirst.

Panic subsides.

Calm is left in its place.

By: J. Brock

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