Beautiful Mess

It’s not okay, this mess you’ve made. The damage you’ve done, she’ll never be the same. So easily, you destroyed a great thing, and she never even saw it coming. You took a beautiful girl, and made her feel plain. Piece by piece, you made your claim. She’s blinded by your perception of her; somehow you’ve convinced her that you deserve better. The truth is that she’s way out of your league: I try to say, but she won’t listen to me. A few months go by, and she’s lost so much weight; she’s driven by insecurity and self-hate. She hardly eats as it is, and now she’s on the pill diet. As long as it works, she’s willing to try it.

Health is important: this is anything but that. How can you sit there, and think it’s okay? You don’t tell the woman you love that she’s fat. Can’t you see your words hurt her every single day?

The damage you’ve done to this beautiful girl: it’s truly heartbreaking to see. She deserves someone that would give her the world, but all you care about is keeping your trophy clean.

On the surface, she pretends that everything’s fine. She says that she’s happy all the time. But, it doesn’t take a genius to see that’s a lie. The truth is revealed in the dullness behind her eyes.

I don’t know who you think you are.

No man, especially not you, is worth her causing herself any harm.

Every time she calls me late at night crying, I can hear that special part of her heart dying.

I try to tell her that she’s beautiful the way that she is, but it’s clear that the only opinion that matters to her is his.

I wish she’d listen, but that happens less and less: all because you took a beautiful girl and made a beautiful mess.

By: J. Brock

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