You Can

Little girl, you’re not in this alone.

No one expects a child to do it on their own.

People might leave, but I promise I never will,

I’ll be here for you every step up and downhill.

You don’t have to keep your thoughts to yourself,

You don’t have to keep placing your wants on the shelf.

You are who you are which is perfectly imperfect,

Nothing more, nothing less of you is who I expect.

If you’re lost, I can shine a light as your guide,

But first, you must come out from the places you hide.

You were taught to think everything is either black or white,

It’s no wonder you’re confused when a wrong makes a right.

Now that you’ve discovered things aren’t as simple as they say,

You find yourself wandering aimlessly in a world full of grey.

Deep down you know the person you wish to become,

A woman whose accepted the past she came from.

I am honored to say a woman like this is my friend.

She is the type of person that is only genuine.

She doesn’t allow fear to stand in her way,

She is sure of herself each and every single day.

She has a heart full of love that no one denies,

She has no shame in herself not even when she cries.

She’s bold when she speaks but she listens more often.

She’s not intimidated by being wrong every now and again.

This woman doesn’t hide who she really is,

She’s nothing but proud to simply exist.

You can have everything you want in this life, if you believe,

Just making it to where you have is nothing small to achieve.

The last I checked you were the only one of your kind,

The only one that allowed some room for growth of your mind.

It won’t be easy but the best things in life aren’t,

Especially when the task at hand is opening one’s heart.

Don’t forget that all of your dreams can come true,

That woman I spoke of is real and she looks just like you.

By: J. Brock

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