The Mind Thief

I see recognition in your eyes,

Yet, you don’t know who I am.

I hide my pain behind this disguise,

While I say what only I can.


Like a thief that returns each night,

It’s taken far too much from you.

Those eyes of yours which once shown bright,

Barely flicker, soon the thief will steal that, too.


Smart, generous, charismatic, and kind,

Just the beginning of your best qualities,

All housed in the safety of your own mind.

Never thought they’d become long lost casualties.


A grandchild knows that they’ll say goodbye.

But, I never knew I’d have to while you’re still alive.

Fleeting moments of the man you once were,

Sprinkled into the dark, abysmal blur.

Your memories have been ripped away.

Life is cruel for allowing only your fear to stay.

I’ll stay with you and hold your hand,

Desperately wishing that I could do more than I can.

I’d wipe the slate clean of your anxiety

And replace it with your precious memory.

But, I don’t know how to ease your pain,

When the thief that steals from you lives inside of your brain.

All I can do is hope for your peace of mind,

And pray that’s something I, too, will find.

By: J. Brock

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