Dear Future Child

I want you to know that you can tell me anything that pops into your brain. Whenever. Whatever. I will love you just the same, more even, because it’ll give me more of you to love. There’s not a single thought that you could ever have that you can’t share with me. I want you to, if you want to. Call me at 3 in the morning, or at 2 in the afternoon and I will answer with just as much love, understanding, and support. If you’re worried about a test, I’ll tell you how your feelings are valid, that I know you can do it, but even if you don’t, it won’t change anything. I’ll be just as proud of you either way. If you think you might not be tough enough to cope with the harshness of life, I will be the shoulder for you to cry on. I will remind you of how tough you are. I’ll tell you about how I’ve been there, too. I’ve contemplated the unthinkable, and I’ve wondered what the point of all of this is, too. Then, I’ll tell you that you are a huge reason why it all has a purpose now. Why life makes sense to me now is because its purpose is to help you through it. If you think you might potentially have feelings for someone that society might not exactly see as “right”, tell me. I will quickly remind you that life sucks, and that we have to hold onto whatever makes us happy because that’s the goal: happiness. Love, is the purest form of happiness. Love gives purpose to an otherwise dull existence. And when you’re happy, when you’re out of your mind bursting with joy and pride in yourself for accomplishing something (even if it’s as simple as mastering the art of the yo-yo, or completing a tough martial arts class that you were seriously doubting that you’d make it through), tell me. I want to hear about it all. I want to share in your pride, your joy, your misery, your sadness, everything. I just want to be there for you. Above all, I want you to be surrounded by unconditional love from everyone in your life-I can promise you’ll get it from me. I want this and so much more for you because it was never given to me.

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