I’m Back

I blinked and two years had gone by,

What have I done with my life?

So much potential I’ve washed down the drain,

So many thoughts running through my brain,

I thought I would’ve done so much more,

When did I stop keeping score?

Competition used to drive me,

Have I lost my will to be

Someone that would make my mother proud?

I’ve become just another face in the crowd.

Could someone tell me my purpose?

I’ve become no more than what’s on the surface.

Face value might be all you get here.

When did my heart become full of fear?

I used to dream,

Now I hardly even sleep.

Too many regrets keeping me awake.

Too many opportunities I failed to take.

What happened to the person I was?

She never doubted herself or her purpose.

I’d like to see her again,

Maybe then I could find my passion.

I used to be happy on my own,

Now I’d rather not spend too much time alone.

I find my happiness with my friends,

But what happens if those friendships ever end?

I need to learn how to love myself again,

Maybe I’ll find happiness then.

You’re so special is what they’ve always said,

But lately I’ve felt like that special part of me is dead.

Making no changes but expecting change to occur;

The definition of insanity I’ve applied for sure.

The difference now is that I’m going to make a change,

I’m ready for the next chapter, to turn the page,

I’ve been at a stand still for awhile now,

But my foot’s off the brake, everyone look out.

They said I’m special because it’s true,

The old me is back but she’s new and improved.

I got lost for two years but now I’ve found my way back,

I might drive a little differently but I’m on the right track.

I’m never going to forget who I am in my heart,

In the end what matters is love, joy, and art.

I won’t let someone else change my mind,

I know now that I am truly one of a kind.

I can finally tell the difference between fiction and fact,

Only because I’ve managed to find my way back.

By: J. Brock

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