Warning to the Closed-Minded

Sometimes I don’t understand what goes through people’s minds,

What makes you think you can just say whatever you want?

Do you ever stop and think maybe I shouldn’t say that, it’s not very kind?

I’m shocked by this generation’s ignorance they all display upfront,

How can you live in America and be so closed-minded?

Why can’t we just spread love and happiness?

Instead you like to bully, I can see that you’re just blinded.

The older you get people care what you say less and less.

Do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut.

All you’re doing is hurting others with the harshness of your words.

The things you say causing deeper and deeper cuts.

Love one another should be the way of our culture

Unfortunately it seems you are stuck in the past,

Your oppressive attitude is going to make your life tough.

That racial slur you’re spouting off might just be your last.

You never know when someone will have had enough.

For your sake, dear boy, I’d say you better wise up

Not everybody will be willing to give you a second chance

I’m just going to advise you to maybe grow up,

Because you got lucky in this certain circumstance.

I’m a lot more forgiving than others will be,

Your southern closed-minded ways will only get you so far,

All I hope is that someday soon you will see,

Words matter and they can cause a lot of harm.

Don’t be confused, you don’t have many people on your side.

All you do is spread hate,

You never know when the words you say push someone to suicide.

Change your ways before it’s too late.

When all the dust clears from the damage you’ll cause,

No one will be beside you, you’ll be all alone,

So I’ll warn you one more time, to avoid great loss,

Shut your mouth, put down the drink, and head home.

Open your mind to people’s differences,

Don’t wait any longer to come to your senses,

The sooner you start spreading joy the better off you’ll be.

All I can ask is that you please at least listen to me.

I’ve gone out of my way to write you this song,

You might think this is stupid, but what if you’re wrong?

By: J. Brock

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