Broken Clock

I find comfort in broken clocks,

Finally it feels as though time can stop,

I know it’s not real, call it a mock,

But wouldn’t it be cool if you could make time stop?

Maybe I’d put more thought into my actions,

Maybe I’d spend more time with family rather than friends.

Years have passed and I haven’t seen my father since.

The only constants are time and that everything ends.

Saying goodbye to my grandpa would have been nice,

I guess that’s why they say “time is a bitch”,

It steals from you like a thief in the night.

The older you get the quicker time goes by,

A year used to feel like a decade,

Now two have gone by,

Before I know it, I am going to die.

Is there anyway to stop it?

Maybe it doesn’t need to stop just slow down for awhile.

I’m not ready for life, I still feel like a child.

Whoever’s listening, I’m just asking for this one request,

Slow down time enough so that I can catch my breath.

Balancing work and school leaves no time for myself.

All I want is to break that clock on the shelf.

By: J. Brock

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